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2022 ChoreoLab Performance at The Barn

with artists Erin McNulty, Claire Cook and Zoey November, and guest artist Marie Fourcaut.

Tickets: July 15, 7 pm

Tickets: July 16, 3pm

Advanced registration required as space is limited

Protective masks required

Free Workshops Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Beginner Aerial with Bronwyn Sims at Open Door

HOP Workshop: Big Move with Manou Phuon and Pascal Lemaitre, all levels, Veterans Park

Ballet Adult Beginner and Int/Adv with Jackie Stanton-Conley at WRBA

Ballet Intermediate with Ruth Mayer at WRBA

Club Dance with Angelina Ponzio Labate and Solasta McIntyre Ethridge, all levels, at Northern Stage

Somatic-Infused contemporary with Hanna Satterlee, all levels, at WRBA

Partnering with Brigid and Molly Armbrust, all levels, at Open Door

Contemplative Dance Practice with Rachel Bernsen, all levels, at Open Door

Musical Theater with Susan Lamontagne, all levels, at WRBA

Argentine Tango with Eva Zimet and Gene Eckhoff, all levels, at Open Door

Saturday Matinee 2:30pm at the Briggs Opera House

Vermont Dance Alliance screening of  the 2022 Vermont Dance On Film Festival

Free Saturday Afternoon Performances

The Tennis Court Collective, Veterans Park

C Green and Leila Faulstich, Open Door

 Bronwyn Sims, Open Door

Brigid and Molly Armbrust, Open Door

Structured Group Improvisation, Open Door

Saturday Evening Show 7pm at the Briggs Opera House

Featured Works by:

Alana Rancourt and Willow Wonder

Angelina Ponzio Labate and Solasta McIntyre Ethridge

Aseemkala Initiative

Elizabeth Kurylo

Eva Zimet and Gene Eckhoff

Gerlisa Garrett

Hanna Satterlee

Mary Chris DeBelina

Neva Cockrell

Tina Forest-Hitt

Sunday Matinee Show 3pm at The Briggs Opera House

Featured Three ChoreoLab Artists:

Erin McNulty

Claire Cook

Zoey November

and invited guest artists:

Lucia Gagliardone

Marie Fourcaut




Photo: Georges Cabrera

Ruth Childs is pleased to give a short masterclass on the choreographic work of Lucinda Childs focusing on the period that comes after the Judson Dance Theater period. In the 1970s, three founding elements appear in Lucinda’s way of creating: the use of a score, a path in a space and a rhythm imposed without music. Ruth wants to share, discuss and work on the scores of Calico Mingling (1973) and Katema (1978.)

In 2015, Lucinda Childs transmitted three of her iconic Judson Dance Theater solos from the 1960s to her niece Ruth Childs. This first artistic encounter gave birth to the recreation of Pastime (1963), Carnation (1964), and Museum Piece (1965). Two years after her first successful collaboration, Ruth Childs continues to revive her aunt’s dances through a second series of performances created in the 1970s: Particular Reel (1973), Calico Mingling (1973), Reclining Rondo (1975) and Katema (1978)

British-American dancer and performer Ruth Childs was born in 1984 in London. She grew up in Norwich, VT and was a valedictorian graduate of Hanover High School. She began her ballet and contemporary dance studies at the Lebanon Ballet School, Lebanon NH, while simultaneously taking violin classes.  In 2003 she moved to Geneva to finish her dance training with the Ballet Junior de Genève. Following this, she started working with many internationally known choreographers and directors including Foofwa d’Imobilité, La Ribot, Gilles Jobin, Massimo Furlan, Marco Berrettini and Yasmine Hugonnet. More about Ruth at



ChoreoLab artist:Martina Lundstrom’s solo piece ” Dogs and Horses” .  Martina Lundström’s performances address the ambivalence about being an artist while living off a trust fund. She challenges her inheritance of a power and privilege that has been beneficial to her.

ChoreoLab artist: Mary Chris Debelina’s “your eyes need tears to work correctly”, with Ellis Broderick, Leila Faulstich, Anna Goodling and Elizabeth Kurylo. A choreographic work experimenting with light from generated by the dancers.

Passacaille de Persee, a short baroque dance created for Lully’s opera “Persee” in the late 17th century; choreography of Guillaume-Louis Pecour. The passacaille is taught and adapted by Elizabeth Kurylo from the Beauchamp/ Feuillet notation, and will be performed by Ellis Broderick and Julie Frew.

Our Voices, Bodies Rising— the film– Beyond Suffrage Toward Women Empowerment, by Peggy Brightman–director and choreographers and Carla Kimball, filmmaker.

The Junction Dance Festival 2021 Summer Fundraiser, June 26th

featured four Upper Valley dancers/choreographers and a documentary film about the profound transformation that operated within artists as they seek to adapt to the pandemic. Covid, a Poem and a Rope was made possible in part by a grant from the Vermont Arts Council and the Vermont Community Foundation.

Participating artists: Ellen Ahern Smith– dancer/choreographer with sculptures by Stefania Urist, Brigid and Molly Armbrust– dancers/choreographers, Marie Fourcaut–performing artist, Elizabeth Kurylo– choreographer and Carla Kimball– videographer.

A big cheer to the local businesses who donated prizes for the raffle:

The Colatina Exit, Bradford VT, the Crossmolina Farm, Corinth VT, Montview Vineyard, Corinth VT, Maven Hair Salon, Hanover NH, Flag Hill Farm, Vershire VT, Blue Sparrow Kitchen, Norwich VT and Hanover, NH, Revealed Presence, Norwich VT, the Swett family farm, Norwich,VT.

And special thanks to the Space on Main for the loan of 30 chairs!

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