The Junction Dance Festival

Dance is motion and motion is life. In every culture around the world dance is a means of expressing identity and feelings and connect with others. Dance is the yeast that makes the bread rise. It is the essential ingredient in all celebrations of joyful life events.  We love dancing and we invite you to join in!


A big thanks to all participants of the 2023 Junction Dance Festival

2023 Junction Dance Festival was a resounding success. Some highlights:
  • Two performances of the thought provoking “Tell Me How You Breathe” by the Loom Ensemble
  • Fourteen free dance workshops all around downtown White River Junction
  • Festival dance film series at JAM running all day through the weekend
  • Two exhilarating evening performances at Briggs Opera House by dance artists from all parts of Vermont and New Hampshire
  • A priceless outdoor “Moms and Babies” performance at Veterans Park
  • Captivating work in progress and improvisation  performances at Open Door.
We are so grateful to everyone who made the 2023 festival possible. Thank you to the choreographers and dancers for bringing such dynamic work to our audiences. Thank you to our workshop teachers for bringing their expertise to the community. Thank you to our volunteers, supporters, donors and partners for their time, energy, and space. Truly, this whole festival could not have happened without you.
We are already looking forward to the 2024 Junction Dance Festival… Are you?

photo: Kay McCabe


Special thanks to:

Emily Landecker Foundation

The Norwich Lions Club


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The Junction Dance Festival does not discriminate based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, socio-economic conditions, age, culture and ethnicity.