The Junction Dance Festival

Dance is motion and motion is life. In every culture around the world dance is a means of expressing identity and feelings and connect with others. Dance is the yeast that makes the bread rise. It is the essential ingredient in all celebrations of joyful life events.  We love dancing and we invite you to join in!


 2023 Junction Dance Festival

Dates: July 14, 15 and 16

White River Junction, VT

A big thanks to all participants of the 2022 Junction Dance Festival

Kudos to all performers and choreographers for a fabulous 2022 festival week-end: MC DeBelina Doyle, Jolynda Burton, Tegan Tyler, Molly Kaye, Candace Fugazy, Leila Mire, Alana Phinney, Willow Wonder, Gerlisa Garrett, Angelina Labate, Hanna Satterlee, Eva Zimet, Gene Eckhoff, Tina Fores-Hitt, Neva Cockrell, Olive Frank, Noah LaPook, Marguerite Ames, Julie Frew, Natalie Junio-Thompson, Elizabeth Kurylo, Ruth Mayer, Leila Faulstich, Caleb Green, Alex Cobb, Jocelyn Tobias, Nicole Dagesse, Matthew Taylor, Kate Gamble, Leah stein, Kelly Armbrust, Molly Armbrust, Brigid Armbrust, Marie Fourcaut, Lucia Gagliardone, and ChoreoLab residents: Erin McNulty, Claire Cook and Zoey November.

Many thanks to all the workshops instructors who made it possible for TJDF to offer free dance classes to the Upper Valley community: Ruth Mayer, Bronwyn Sims, Jackie Stanton-Conley, Susan Lamontagne, Hanna  Satterlee, Eva Zimet, Gene Eckhoff, Manou Phuon, Pascal Lemaitre, Rachel Bernsen, Angelina Labate, Brigid Armbrust and Molly Armbrust.

And heartfelt gratitude to our partners, donors, sponsors, tech crew, photographers and many volunteers who supported or participated in making The Junction Dance Festival a splendid success.

Photo: Kay McCabe


Special thanks to:

Emily Landecker Foundation

The Norwich Lions Club


The Junction Dance Festival does not discriminate based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, socio-economic conditions, age, culture and ethnicity.