It was late summer in 2019, when the idea for a dance festival emerged among Upper Valley dance artists gathered at Open Door to share their work and projects. The idea caught on quickly, and fueled by enthusiastic support from dancers and the dance community, it became a project, then a reality.

It seemed obvious to us that the festival should take place in White River Junction, a town where art is already omnipresent, which has several successful dance schools, available performing studios and two theaters. What followed effortlessly was the name “The Junction Dance Festival” (TJDF).

After a year of structuring, planning, coordinating and successful fundraising, the founding committee was prepared to launch the first Junction Dance Festival in the summer of 2020. Unfortunately, like many other performing art events, the festival was called off due to the COVID pandemic. We decided again to cancel the following year for the same reason. Eventually, in the summer of 2022, our first festival was born.


The Junction Dance Festival, Inc., is a non profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Vermont. It is established to promote the understanding and appreciation of the art of Dance in all of its forms through various modes of expression.


The mission of the Junction Dance Festival is to support, promote and showcase dancers, choreographers, and performing artists, from Vermont, New Hampshire and neighboring states. We want to bridge the gap between performers and viewers. To this effect, the festival is a yearly forum where dance is shared on many levels, through performance, film, workshop and community activity. With its free or low cost programs, the Junction Dance Festival is inviting the community to experience the many facets of dance while building strong foundations for the appreciation of this art form.

Sponsored Residency Program

The Junction Dance Festival is dedicated to help young artists create new work. TJDF sponsors a spring residency program called “ChoreoLab”. The program provides a free rehearsal space in a renovated barn in Corinth, VT. The program encourages and supports the creative talent of emerging artists from Vermont and New Hampshire. All ChoreoLab creations premiere during the summer festival.

The Junction Dance Festival or TJDF for short: What is it ?

TJDF is a weekend of dance entertainment and performances with the participation of dance artists, choreographers and community dance groups from Vermont and New Hampshire and beyond. It is a platform where dance artists and the public of the Upper Valley meet and mix .  We want the community to experience the full spectrum of dance styles whether it’s ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, country dancing and nontraditional dancing, and at the same time give the public opportunities to participate in free events such as lectures, workshops, and site performances.

What will you find at TJDF ?

  • open doors at various facilities with free dance workshops and pop-up performances
  •  free master classes from professional dancers participating in the festival
  • site specific events
  • street dances
  • formal staged performances.

How is the festival funded?

TJDF is made possible by the generous contributions from private foundations, from grants, local businesses and people from the community. Our Upper Valley partners donate their time and/or studio space. They share some of their programs with TJDF, or provide volunteers. Their benevolence allows us in turn to bring to the Upper Valley dance events which are accessible to dancers and non dancers alike.

Your donations make it possible to offer dance workshops, and performances that are either free or low priced. We have a Pay As You Can policy which is implemented for low income families. Children under 12 are free and no one will be turned away for inability to pay.

If you would like to make a tax deductible gift, please address the check to The Junction Dance Festival and send to PO Box 605, Norwich, VT 05055, or use the Paypal button for online payment, in the Home page or Support section of the website.

You can also contribute by volunteering your time. Please contact us at info@thejunctiondancefestival.org