It was late summer in 2019, when the idea for a dance festival emerged among dance artists from the Upper Valley gathered in a meeting at Open Door to share their work and projects. The idea caught on quickly, and when we found an enthusiastic support not only among dancers but also from the community at large, the idea morphed into a real concrete project.

It seemed obvious that the festival should take place in White River Junction, a town where art is already omnipresent, which have several successful dance schools, available performing studios and two theaters. What followed effortlessly was the name “The Junction Dance Festival”

The Junction Dance Festival or TJDF for short: What is it ?

TJDF is a week-end of dance entertainment and performances with the participation of local dance artists, choreographers, dance schools and community dance groups.

TJDF mission is to bring to the spotlight dancing by and for the people in your community. In the Upper Valley, there are few opportunities for dance artists to share their love of dance with the general public, and for the public to enjoy performances, informally and close to home.

TJDF brings together community members and performers, professionals and amateurs alike, in a free-flowing exchange about dance.

TJDF opens a window on the Upper Valley dance scene, for the public to view a constellation of dance presentations from artists of all backgrounds.

In every culture around the world, dance is a way to bring people together, either to celebrate important life events, to mark the seasons, and for the expression of rituals or religious ceremonies. Dancing makes people happy and encourages social interaction. So we invite you to join in!

What will you find at TJDF ?

  • Open doors at various dance schools with free classes and student’s demonstration
  • Master classes from professional dancers
  • Site specific dance events
  • Street dances
  • TJDF anything goes parade
  • An evening of dance performances at the Briggs Opera House.

How much does it cost?

Nothing… ! The event is financed by generous donations from our sponsors and friends.

If you would like to make a tax deductible gift, please use the donation form in the Support section of the website.

You can also contribute by volunteering your time. Please contact us at info@thejunctiondancefestival.org

Who We Are

TJDF Board

Elizabeth Kurylo, President and Executive Officer
Elizabeth is a dancer and choreographer  dedicated to make dance accessible to all audience.

Hailey Swett,  Secretary:

Marguerite Ames,  Treasurer:

Marie Fourcaut, Board Member

Julie Frew, Board Member

Ruth Mayer, Board Member